Twin Cities, MN

Jun 17, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

Church of the Holy Nativity Episcopal Clarendon Hills

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Serving in Twin Cities, MN

Life in the Twin Cities flows deep with tradition, wide with diversity, and strong with cultural vitality. The Twin Cities is the 16th largest metropolitan area in the country. Minneapolis contains numerous theaters, museums, and restaurants throughout its modern, bustling atmosphere. St. Paul, on the other hand, has a more historical feel and houses the State Capitol plus the country's longest preserved avenue of Victorian houses and buildings. Scenic lakes throughout this area offer year-round recreation and are a source of great pride and enjoyment for local residents. Both of these urban cities are faced with issues including poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, and absent parents. Additionally, numerous immigrant and refugee populations have resettled to this area and face the trials and challenges associated with becoming acclimated to life outside of their home country. Youthworks is in this community to come alongside organizations that exist to serve, bring education about, and create opportunities for community members who may be on the margins of society. Serving in the Twin Cities gives participants the opportunity to experience life in an urban setting and come face-to-face with the numerous struggles that people in the area experience.